Director’s Welcome

A Message from our Director:

Mark Brookes

Dear AISL Community,

Welcome to AISL and welcome to another school year. 2017 2018 is an exciting time in our school as we have a new school administration team, and some new students. I am new to AISL and will be taking over from Greg Hughes as school Director. Joining me is Mike Simpson who has come in as the new Principal of the school. With new people comes new opportunities and fresh and exciting changes.

At AISL we have a great small school community feel where students from over 20 different nations mix together. It is good to see students on the soccer field playing together with so much energy. While playing, students display positive character traits such as fairness and respect. They also love to celebrate successes, particularly when they score.

Our school is small and diverse in its student and teaching population. We have students from all over the world and our teaching staff are similarly from different parts of the globe. With small classes, we are able to focus on the teaching of our students. As you can see from our AISL Promise, we focus on the individual needs of each child and also focus on student becoming more worldly and positive citizens in an ever challenging and changing world.
AISL has a strong parent committee, the PTA, who work in collaboration with the school to support student learning by running some fantastic events that bring students and families together.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is a beautiful mountain region where the rich history of culture and tradition shows. The people of Lesotho are hospitable and very welcoming. If you are considering moving to Lesotho, you will love the peaceful lifestyle.

Mark Brookes
Phone: (+266) 22 322 987